Played by: Edith Surreal
Previous name: Still Life with Apricots & Pears
Pronouns: She/her
Nicknames: The Ephemeral Queen, The Exhibition of Intrigue
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pro debut: February 2018

Ephemeral art only lasts for a short amount of time. The term is usually used to describe a work of art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery.


Worldwide Dojo
(August 2020—Present)
The Wrestle Factory
(Jan 2016—July 2020)

—Orange Cassidy
—World Famous CB (fka Cheeseburger)
—Drew Gulak
—Chuck Taylor
—Mike Quackenbush

CBS News—Edith Surreal discusses wrestling and her transition

The Alligator—FEST Wrestling continues to shatter gender barrier

Philadelphia Inquirer—Philly trans pro wrestler Edith Surreal: Wrestling ‘gave me the confidence to transition’

—PWI Women's 150 2022 (#70)
—PWI 500 2022 (#364)
—PWI Women's 150 2021 (#140)
—PWI 500 2021 (#192)
—PWI 2021 Indy Wrestler of the Year (Nominated)
—PWI 500 2020 (#365)

Signature moves
—Venus Fly Trap
—Fruit Rollup
—Fruit by the Foot
—Melon Baller